Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Happy 1st Angelversary to the Domestic Angels Christchurch Office

It is only one year since Deb Broomfield opened the doors of the Domestic Angels office in Christchurch. Since then Deb’s team has grown to number 9 staff providing hundreds of hours of help in customers’ homes with housework and home help services each month.  

We asked Deb, what are your favourite moment and achievements from your 1st year as a Domestic Angels franchisee:
‘I am so happy to be celebrating my first anniversary as a Domestic Angel franchisee.  Looking back over the last year I have learned so much.  There have been a few tough times when experiencing new pressures, but these times have taught me so much and made myself and my business stronger. I have really enjoyed building my team, and I have some lovely Angels.  I have enjoyed meeting new customers and making a difference in their homes, by providing a caring service. A definite highlight of becoming a franchisee is getting to know the team at Head Office, the support over the last year has been brilliant. I love being part of a company who aspire to be the best.  Domestic Angels has an exciting future ahead and it’s great to be growing with them as a family.’

Congratulations Deb, we are all proud to know you and be part of your Domestic Angels franchise journey – cheers!

Friday, 2 February 2018

Domestic Angels launch Bournemouth & Poole branches

Hazel Burnett - Bournemouth branch, Sam Acton - Domestic Angels CEO and Charlotte Waldron - Poole branch.

DOMESTIC Angels has signed up two new franchisees as the Dorset business embarks on a programme of rapid expansion.

Hazel Burnett has taken on the Bournemouth Central Parks franchise, while Charlotte Waldron will be running the Poole Coast and Harbour operation.

Domestic Angels has been providing cleaning and home help services in Bournemouth since it's incorporation by founder Samantha Action in 2002 and boasts 20 staff supporting around 130 clients across Bournemouth and Southbourne.

The business was franchised by Samantha in 2016 as a flexible home-based management solution. Both Hazel and Charlotte follow hot on the heels of fellow franchisee Deb Broomfield, who heads up the company's operations in Christchurch, covering Burton and Winkton, Grange, Highcliffe, Mudeford and Friars Cliff, Walkford, Portfield, Purewell and Stanpit, St Catherine’s and Hurn.
Both Hazel and Charlotte had been team leaders for Domestic Angels, but now step up to take on the management reins as fully-fledged franchisees, supported by Domestic Angels' well-established brand and award-winning management team.

Hazel said: "“I’m delighted to be joining the Domestic Angels franchise. Having worked as a team leader for the whole of 2017, I’m in a great position to take on the Bournemouth Central Parks territory and I can’t wait to help grow the brand and expand our services to even more people across Bournemouth.”

Charlotte added: “Domestic Angels already has a substantial presence in the Bournemouth, Southbourne and Christchurch marketplaces and I am extremely excited to be joining the franchise and leading the company’s expansion into Poole. Our services are in demand more than ever and for me to be able to buy into an established and trusted brand like Domestic Angels is a dream. I can’t wait to get started.”

Samantha said: "We're delighted to welcome both Charlotte and Hazel into the Domestic Angels Franchising family. The next few months will be hugely exciting for both them and the business as we expand and look to welcome other franchisees into the Domestic Angels family."

Hazel's Bournemouth Central Parks operation will include services in Bournemouth centre, Charminster, Queens Park, Strouden park, Throop and Muscliffe, while Charlotte will be managing Domestic Angels' work in Poole, Canford Cliffs, Lower Parkstone, Branksome and Sandbanks.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Home businesses could bring in £4.27 billion more by finding new premises

A report, Unlocking the UK’s Home Business Potential, found home businesses in the south could generate £922million more in profits.

That compares with £595m in London and £667m in the north of England.

The survey of 500 home-based businesses, from Vonage in partnership with the Centre for e conomics and Business Research (CEBR) and YouGov, found 20 per cent said the high cost of commercial office space was preventing them from growing.

Samantha Acton, founder of Southbourne-based domestic cleaning company Domestic Angels, found she could expand the business through franchising. The idea enabled the company to grow despite a shortage of commercial premises.

She said: “Before Domestic Angels, I had never thought about having a business of my own. It was a huge challenge – I had to learn a lot about everything from how employment law works to how to set up a customer-service business.”

The business has grown from a handful of clients in 2002 to one with 20 employees, supporting 138 clients and providing g more than 1,000 hours of services every month.

She added: “Before taking the decision to move to a franchise model, I was searching to find the right space that would allow flexibility to accommodate for peaks and dips in demand. It was surprisingly difficult to find affordable premises that allows for the unpredictable levels of revenue in the first few years of starting a business.”
N EXTRA £4.27billion in revenue could be unlocked for the south’s economy if home businesses were able to grow and move to commercial premises, research suggests.
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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Customer Service, Angels Style

During October, we had a company-wide meeting bringing together all Angels at the fabulous Shelley Theatre in Boscombe. Our mission:- to define the Angels own Customer Service Policy. The Angels worked together in teams and created the following Domestic Angels definition: The Angels aim to deliver a great and appropriate service at all times always reflecting our culture and ethos.

Their commitment to Customer Service is:
  • We will be polite and caring
  • We will do a good job
  • We will be professional
  • We represent the ethos of Domestic Angels
  • We will go the extra mile
  • We will work well as a team across the company
  • We will be punctual
  • We will engage with our customers
  • Will have good relationships with our clients and colleagues
  • We will practice forward thinking
  • We will be presentable
  • We will have great self-discipline
  • We will be consistent

If you'd like to chat about having help in your home with weekly cleaning, spring cleaning or home help, please contact our customer service team on: Bournemouth and Poole - 01202267350 or Christchurch, Mudeford and Highcliffe 07712407164 or

If you would like to chat about taking control of your life with the support of a Domestic Angels Franchise: 01202267350 or

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Domestic Angels Christchurch franchisee hosts reception to celebrate launch!

Debbie Broomfield, franchisee of successful South Coast based Domestic Angels hosted a drinks reception at Bodega in Christchurch to celebrate the launch of her Christchurch franchise

38 year-old business woman Debbie heads up the new Domestic Angels Christchurch office and covers the nearby areas such as Burton and Winkton, Grange, Highcliffe, Mudeford and Friars Cliff, Walkford, Portfield, Purewell and Stanpit, St Catherine’s and Hurn.

The event was opened by Cllr Vicki Hallam, Portfolio holder for Growth and Economy in Christchurch, who welcomed Debbie to the area and said that it was fantastic to welcome such an energetic and enthusiastic new business to Christchurch.

Debbie enthused, “I am delighted to have become part of such a successful business and am looking forward to making my mark in the local community in and around Christchurch and building on the excellent reputation that Domestic Angels has already established.”

Domestic Angels Founder, Samantha Acton added, “What a great occasion it has been to celebrate the arrival of our new Christchurch franchise. Debbie is already getting herself known locally and we are confident that the Christchurch office of Domestic Angels will flourish!”

Domestic Angels is a domestic cleaning business which offers a variety of services in the home, from regular housework through to intensive spring-cleans. The company, which has the proud boast to be ‘more than just a cleaning company,’ also offers an element of home-help for elderly clients who require that little extra bit of support in the home. The Company’s ‘Angels’ make regular daily visits, as appropriate, and can be on hand to provide support and care to make life both easier and also more sociable for the client.

Anyone interested to enquiring about Domestic Angels in Christchurch and surrounding areas is urged to get in touch with Debbie E: Tel. 07712407164.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Domestic Angels celebrates signing up its Christchurch franchisee!

Samantha Acton, founder and owner of Southbourne based Domestic Angels is celebrating signing up the company’s very first franchisee and welcoming fellow local business lady, Debbie Broomfield in to the Angels fold!

38 year-old Franchisee Debbie will be heading up the new Domestic Angels Christchurch office and covering the nearby areas such as Burton and Winkton, Grange, Highcliffe, Mudeford and Friars Cliff, Walkford, Portfield, Purewell and Stanpit, St Catherine’s and Hurn.

Commenting on her new business purchase Debbie enthused, “I had been searching for a new career challenge and when I saw the Domestic Angels franchise advert it seemed like the perfect opportunity for me. I was keen to find a role that would allow me the flexibility of still being there for my young family but also providing me with the chance to grow a successful business close to home. I’m very much looking forward to being a part of a successful business whose professional ethos matches my own and I imagine that I will gain a lot of job satisfaction.

“I was particularly impressed with the whole franchise process…right from my initial enquiry Samantha had a very open approach, allowing me to take my time to make any decisions and making it possible for me to look in on the business, analyse figures, the Company structure and set up. She also put me in touch with the relevant people who would be able to help make sure that the franchise set up was as smooth a transition as it could be for me. The whole process ensured that I was able to make an informed and considered decision in this big career step for me.”

Domestic Angels is a domestic cleaning business which offers a variety of services in the home, from regular housework through to intensive spring-cleans. The company, which has the proud boast to be ‘more than just a cleaning company,’ also offers an element of home-help for elderly clients who require that little extra bit of support in the home. The Company’s ‘Angels’ make regular daily visits, as appropriate, and can be on hand to provide support and care to make life both easier and also more sociable for the client.

Debbie added, “It’s the home-help for elderly clients’ side of the business that is a particular draw for me. The personal service that we can provide allows some clients to be able to stay independent and remain in their own homes. They look forward to a coffee and chat and the friendship that comes with our service. Not everyone requires this level of attention, of course, but it’s there for those that do. I would urge anyone interested to enquiring about our service in Christchurch and surrounding areas to get in touch E:

Samantha concluded, “This is a momentous occasion for us all at Domestic Angels. We are excited and eager to ‘crack on’ with Debbie and ensure that the Christchurch team is as successful as it can be and achieves its potential!”

Anyone interested in learning more about becoming a franchisee and exploring the business and earnings potential, opportunities and support available is asked to contact Samantha Acton at Domestic Angels e: Tel: 01202 267350

Franchisees may be based anywhere in the UK.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Meet the successful businesses that start at home and stay there

We've probably all heard stories of businesses which start in a spare bedroom and become multi-million pound concerns.

But what about the businesses that stay – and thrive – in that spare room?

For some, work can be done wherever there is a good internet connection and a phone service – even when it involves hiring and managing other people.

Sam Acton started Domestic Angels, a domestic cleaning and home help service, in her home at Southbourne in 2002. Not only has it expanded and won a national award, but she has recently turned it into a franchising opportunity.

“I started with an ad in the Daily Echo on April 11, 2002. At 11.10am, a woman phoned up. She was my first client and stayed with me for 11 years," she says.

“I quite quickly had four staff, then stayed at that level for a few years. I learned to be an employer.”

She now has around 20 staff looking after around 1,000 client hours a month. Although the business has moved to a home office in the garden, she has found no need to find separate premises.

The agency started in the days of home produced flyers rather than websites and social media, and the advance of technology has been vital to keeping a sizeable business going from home.

“The business would never have got as bit as it has if it wasn’t for technology,” she says.

“Email is very speedy and I can email and communicate with our clients whilst they’re at work. You can email for a reference and get it back straight away, which makes the business scalable anyway.”

She chose to franchise as a way of expanding the business while keeping her own operation a manageable size. Franchisees buy into a way of running the businesses and the processes it has evolved.

“Our reputation is the most precious thing we have because we’re in a service industry. It’s a really big deal. Franchisees are buying into the reputation and the culture,” she says.

Kate Shaw runs her own public relations business, KTPR, from home in Westbourne. Having been involved in politics and the private school sector, she launched the business in an area that has no shortage of PR agencies.

“It was my husband who had the belief that I could make it work. I started totally cold and I did have many doubts and kept my eye on the job market for quite some time but I gradually picked up and it’s gone from strength to strength,” she says.

The business has moved a couple of times within the house and is now in a spare bedroom.

“I found when I was in the back room it was starting to take over my life. My office is confined to one room in the house,” she says.

Both women have learned about finding boundaries between work and personal life. Sam Acton says she had to make it clear early on that working from home was still working.

“I was making myself too accessible. I had to say ‘I’m working at the moment, can I get back to you?’” she said.

But both say they benefit from flexibility in their working days.

“I like the fact that when [son] Jack comes in the door, we can have a chat. It’s being able to do those kinds of things and enjoying life and not feel like anything’s getting out of hand,” says Sam.

“When you get to the end of the day you’ve got the chance to sit at the table and have a chinwag.”

Kate Shaw added: “Quite often when I’ve got a press release to write, I’ll go down to the beach and take my laptop and be inspired by the surroundings. I’ve been quite flexible about where I might go during the day.”

There is little danger of feeling isolated from not being in a busy office, she says.

“The nature of my job is quite social anyway and it’s not just me sitting in my office,” she adds.

For Sam Acton, the success of the business outstripped her expectations. She took the title for home based business at the Venus National Awards for women in business in 2013-2014 after winning the local award. The confidence boost from that success has helped her expand the business, go into franchising and meanwhile organise annual Parliament Week events locally.

“In 2013, when I won the Venus, I struggled to take it on board that I was a business person. I was Sam who did Domestic Angels,” she says.

“When I won the national award, that’s when the penny really dropped.”